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Welcome To CANeLearn

The Canadian eLearning Network (CANeLearn) is a Canadian registered not-for-profit society. CANeLearn’s mission is to provide leadership that champions student success in online and blended learning. CANeLearn provides members with networking, collaboration, and research opportunities.

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Who Is CANeLearn

To provide leadership that champions student success by supporting organizations and educators involved in online and blended learning through networking, collaboration, and research opportunities.
We are committed to networking through:

  • Building relationships
  • Enhancing communications between and among members
  • Sharing resources and best practices
  • Encouraging innovation

We are committed to collaboration through:

  • Supporting partnerships
  • Sharing professional learning opportunities
  • Finding efficiency through technologies and shared services

We are committed to research by:

  • Staying current and participating in studies
  • Promoting research opportunities
  • Disseminating research results

We are committed to championing by:

  • Working with post-secondary institutions to connect pre-service and in-service teachers to online and blended learning
  • Informing policy and professional standards regionally, provincially and nationally
  • Educating stakeholders and promoting online and blended learning to all
Constitution and bylaws adopted at the first Annual General Meeting, September 2014 CANeLearn By-Laws September 2014
The 2016/17 Board of Directors of the Canadian eLearning Network

Three-year term:

Two-year term:

One-year term:

Board Appointees

Our Networking Areas

Learning Innovation 95%
Professional Learning 90%
Resource Sharing 85%
Research Blended & Online 75%

Leadership Executive

Michael Canuel
Michael CanuelChair, Board of Directors
Chief Executive Officer of LEARN since its inception, founding director and Chair of CANeLearn.
Randy LaBonte
Randy LaBonteChief Executive Officer
Responsible to lead the development and execution of the CANeLearn’s long-term strategy and ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and implementation of the long and short term plans and goals.