logo-Learn-QuebecLeading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN), a non-profit organization that primarily serves the public and private Anglophone, Aboriginal, Youth and Adult Education sectors of Québec, requested a brief on the current practice in the use of digital technology in formative and summative evaluation. The brief focused on issues and challenges faced when implementing a program where digital technology replaces traditional pen and paper evaluation. This brief provided a synthesis of the research conducted for the review. Scope of the research included hardware, software and cloud-based assessment solutions, practices and policy related to evaluation and digital technology.  It was intended to serve as a framework for the consideration of how to improve learning through the use of technology in both formative and summative assessment. The research brief consists of five sections: a brief overview of the literature on technology and assessment; a discussion of issues in the use of technology for assessment; an in-depth review of authenticity in assessment and proctoring; a discussion of policy and practice trends in the use of technology and assessment; and a summary of issues for consideration, recommendations, and a call for further research.