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Is it wrong for us to buy shoes? 2013-12-08 23:07:14 helpless market, are we wrong? now shoe market has entered a booming period, especially the individual limited products on sale, draw up outside, and increase the shopping spree, and we love the shoes have to link up whenever the limited shoes sale, people always sigh, why so many young people and I grab a pair of them all no memories of the shoes? The frequent occurrence of such a situation, let us begin to pay attention to, and even abuse the "young man" "beginner", but now more difficult to double their favorite shoes and buy, plus limited sneakers more and more diverse, the young people have to go to the predecessors and grab a pair of shoes, I think this this is not the reason of the conflict, may have to remember to buy a pair of shoes, but the young man maybe just because the shoes design and behind the story, love is also a pair of shoes, we should not because the starting point of love different cannot accept each other jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black , so, want to buy a pair of their favorite shoes really wrong? was born on 1991 He of this phenomenon in the market today expressed their views to us, his views are representative of most beginners. beam Yixuan not only like shoes, and for Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea street culture is also very interested in, perhaps this is 90s for beginners and predecessors, Liang Yixuan Snea〉with the improvement of life quality, the design of lightweight shoes is becoming a popular buy shoes when the first condition, this fall, Vans will bring the lightweight design into its classic shoes, but also for the cold weather brings more comfort. This time the shoes use Vans's Old Skool Lite LX logo and Sk8-Hi Lite LX shoes modelled on the vamp choosepure color suede fabric covered with Vans Logo, and the sole adopts ultra light EVA shock absorption show. It is reported, this shoe money already can be bought in each big designated shop now, the friend that is air jordan 11 space jam for sale interested does not miss. had to celebrate the opening of the 10th anniversary stores by the launch of the 24 Kilates x Diadora; N.9000 "Toro" , in order to design shoes; its excellent workmanship and creative sparked a boom, the horsehair and made in Italy to further increase the identity of value. This time, , 24 Kilates released the limited 300 pairs of shoes behind the scenes video production, showing the details of the Italy factory carved art works of this process. Interested friends, please click below to view video. Date: 2016-8-31 fan: commissioning editor: Nike Sneakerboot HD 2016 winter series released Nike has released the Sneakerboots products in autumn and winter 2016, including Air Presto Mid Utility, Lunar Force 1 Flyknit Workboot, Lupinek Lupinek, and Mid. All the shoes are designed with cold proof and waterproof, and the new Flyknit material also has the function of waterproof. It is expected that the shoes will be sold on the market in November.New Balance CRT300 is the predecessor of the CT300 brand was Retro jordans for sale born in 1970s of the first tennis shoes, then CT300 influence in tennis field has also been extended to the beginning of the 80s, and has the important representative. Driven by today's new wave of retro tennis, New Balance launched CT300 again and injected new technology and new vitality into different lines. Including CRT300, All, White, Pack, CRT300, Solid, Color, Pack and CRT300 Beach Cruiser Pack, each price is 619 yuan. In order to support the U.S. Open tennis tournament, tennis enthusiasts Lillard showed his secret identity. in addition to play basketball, NBA Blazers all star Damien · good skills and more Lillard, such as rap, don't see him on weekdays few words, but NBA is definitely a "Troll", can sing, too talented closely reasoned and well argued. In addition, Lillard interest for tennis sports is not a tiny bit, he often choose tennis as relaxation exercise. This Adidas basketball in the US Open Tennis Championships held before using D Lillard 2 based on specially designed a tennis match special edition, ca jordan 3 katrina 2018 n see the whole shoe is surrounded by yellow, and also have a furry tennis shoe on the foot of the texture, the effect is very bright.note: the following steps are based on the Nike we buy now before the purchase of official information and experience written, do not represent the official Nike on the day of the actual sale rules, also cannot predict all the possibilities. There is a possible change, or the possibility of a different sale on the same day, especially in the queuing rules and selling time points, please pay special attention to it! Pay attention to it again! For reference only! 1, up early routinely at 9 in the morning on February 13th officially on sale, so I can't sleep, get up at 8:30! Open your computer and test whether the network is normal, visit and to see if it is smooth. At the same time can burn incense, pray with you well. 2, refresh NikeStore micro-blog official, waiting for notification of new shelves 1) Countdown: you click into the page waiting third, then refer to the fo buy cheap jordans online llowing, the possibility of a maximum 2) directly added: Third the instantaneous acceleration of heartbeat, skip, see fourth 3): the TM is not available without pain, we grab a shoe artifact, then brush the micro-blog "brush a day, maybe Nike when available, no one knows, can only keep if new shelves micro-blog came out, immediately Click to enter.Born in 1994, Italy fashion brand DIESEL vice line 55DSL began their 15th anniversary celebration activities in recent days, during some exciting joint plan. The 1.jpg (242.51 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:52 2015-1-22 2.jpg (230.02 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:52 2015-1-22 3.jpg (249.95 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:52 2015-1-22 4.jpg (205.04 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:52 2015-1-22 5.jpg (258.39 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:52 2015-1-22 6.jpg (294.08 KB, jordans on sale online download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:52 2015-1-22 7.jpg (241.34 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 20〉[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Adidas "strategic shift" Shanghai will have to face a number of OEM garment enterprises to upgrade. Reporters learned yesterday, adidas recent positive speed cleanup domestic foundries, and has been determined to gradually lift the domestic part of the foundries foundry agreement in October this year to April next year, the termination of cooperation. labor cost advantage is the main cause of the loss of "Because you are optimizing global sourcing infrastructure, a total of 10 supplier partners have received on our Legal notice to terminate the contract." Adidas China commissioned Ogilvy Public Relations yesterday in reply to reporters the case said. As for why so abolished its suppliers grow together, Adidas said yesterday only that some of the suppliers will provide appropriate advice to help in the communication p cheap foamposites lan and transition work. Yesterday, the news also from the part of the garment processing enterprises in Shanghai confirmed. "In May this year, including our company, including 10 Adidas Chinese foundries had received a copy of the contents of the same notification. Notification display, terminate cooperation with these foundries between October to April next year will be held this year, Adidas . "Man Long Shanghai Textile Co. Ltd, says with exasperation. Shanghai Tung Lung down products Co., Ltd. as one of the termination of this cooperation is the foundry business, the relevant person in charge yesterday also admitted to reporters, including East Long, including four foundries will indeed receive Adidas October of this year's notice to terminate the contract. "Adidas has long been in preparation, the gradual transfer of production capacity." Tung Lung official said, at present, Adidas has transferred part of the production to Southeast Asian countries. It is understood that Adidas is located in Cambodia factory workers trac jordans on sale mens ed the minimum monthly salary is about $ 130, converted into yuan less than 900 yuan. Adidas orders accounted for 30 percent of total capacity on Haishengfeida Clothing Co. also suffered "was parked alone" in a responsible person Lily told reporters, "Adi will certainly gradually moving production overseas because Chinese labor costs increase year by year. "She said, Adidas in the company's annual orders of about 500,000 -60 ten thousand, wages have now risen to 3,000 yuan. close Adidas Insiders said, garment processing has always been extremely sensitive to the price of the industry, with factories in China with processing experience and scale up, as well as various aspects of the cost. In contrast, some Southeast Asian countries in terms of production costs have more impact. "With the Chinese production costs, especially labor costs rise, Adidas made in China will be able to transfer out of the trend is inevitable." processing enterprises are facing restructuring and upgrading Adidas may be looking for lower-cost foundr cheap air jordans y and to walk away, but was forced to "starvation" of Chinese foundry was caught in a quandary. It is reported that in the termination of the contract foundries, some factories are dependent on 100% capacity Adidas, basically no contact with other clients, if no new orders for the short term, only the relevant plant road. In fact, since the financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry has been gradually moving out. Previously, there have been involved in home appliances, electronics, building materials, toys, food and other industries of the number 10 multinational factories in China shut down or transferred. As a result, more and more weak in the context of cost advantages, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. The industry believes that, along with the sustained economic development, population, resources and environment have undergone significant changes, no longer the continuation of low-cost advantage. The domestic foundry If you can not take this opportunity to transition success, they Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale are bound to face a ferocious collapse crisis. "There are more and more into question the survival of the foundry business, was forced to seek transformation, especially in the transition to the production of its own brand." Vice President of Shanghai Garment Industry Association, said Li Yifeng, from clothing brands and processing distribution of benefits, the brand side at least more than 60%. And in China, profits and general OEM brand can be the difference between a 5-fold or more. "However, although profits to create their own clothing brand is very impressive, but some international brands for many years to do OEM business, create their own brand is not easy." Li Yifeng also said that China's current market and financial services sector supporting not standardized, and social capital is difficult with these enterprises effective docking. Shanghai Adidas a foundry business executives yesterday in an interview with reporters, also admitted that the creation of their own brands not only have manufacturing strength, have to have the economic strength, this can not be an overnight thing. "A brand building is not the same with the factory, it may take 3--5 years, or even longer, but as a business in the transition process often encounter various problems such as my chain enough money, my money perhaps. It can support two and a half, and even three years, but may be sent last few months so that this time there will be concerns "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre).Last year, the Air Jordan 11, known as the "big devil", was unstoppable, and this year the Jordan brand will release the low version for us. This section from the Michael Jordan brief baseball career design inspirations, the roll mill leather suede shoes collocation remodeling micro fiber, around the shoe week rolling paint showed pearl effect, carbon fiber sheet and stable chassis configuration, equipped with the last white rubber outsole. Can you write the classic of the big devil, let's wait and see! item: 528895-010Price: release date: May 27th air-jordan-11-low-barons-505835-010.jpg (191.71 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil officially released Upload 09:07 2017-3-17 air-jordan-11-low-barons-505835-010-3.jpg (171.03 KB, download times: 15) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil officially released Upload 09:07 2017-3-17 air-jordan-11-low-barons-505835-010-4.jpg (235.38 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil officially released Upload 09:07 2017-3-17 air-jordan-11-low-barons-505835-010-1.jpg (200.4 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil officially released Upload 09:07 2017-3-17 air-jordan-11-low-barons-505835-010-2.jpg (191.27 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Air Jordan 11 Low Barons little devil officially released 2017-3-17〉nike-air-max-2014-black-photo-blue-electric-green-01-570x475.jpg (44.69 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Nike Air Max 2014 brand new color Upload 09:37 2014-7-14 adidas Consortium from the marathon performance design from Boston Super and Marathon TR extraordinary two running shoes in inspiration, and launched Boost Mid and Energy composed of Ultra Boost Run Thru Time. Two new Primeknit Boost top configuration collocation are crafted, supplemented by 3M decorative details, interested friends please pay more attention. adidas-consortium-run-thru-time-pack-where-to-buy-01.jpg (332.62 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Consortium Run Thru Time sale reminder Upload 08:08 2017-7-19 item: BY3056 adidas-consortium-run-thru-time-pack-where-to-buy-04.jpg (424.02 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Consortium Run Thru Time sale reminder Upload 08:08 2017-7-19 adidas-consortium-run-thru-time-pack-where-to-buy-02.jpg (417.25 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Consortium Run Thru Time sale reminder Upload 08:08 2017-7-19 adidas-consortium-run-thru-time-pack-where-to-buy-09.jpg (682.92 KB, download times: 0)