18th Annual Digital Learning Symposium

Online April 22nd and April 23rd 

  • Leading flexible learning models, environments, and online instructional approaches


Special workshop series launch on Feb.26:



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Apr 22 - 23 2021

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BC Partners in Online Learning


BC Partners in Online Learning
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  1. Good afternoon.
    My name is Dave Ramsay. I am the Executive Director of a project that aligns well with the Digital Learning Symposium.

    Please see the following link for an overview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRCMLl0e8xg&t=3s

    The primary driver of our project is our land use simulator. Functioning a little like a time machine, students look back in time and then into the future as they see how the land has changed and what could look like when they get older given current trends. Then, students set their own goals and make plans to address issues and come up with solutions for a sustainable future using a scenario planning approach. An unbiased set of socio-economic and environmental indicators allows users to evaluate different scenarios. An engaging set of BC-focused instructional videos and an ability to upload field observations to support learning or two other important elements of our project.

    Our project aligns well with BC’s redesigned curriculum and appeals to teachers and students. We would welcome the opportunity to share our project during the symposium.

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