Emotional Presence Indicators in an Online Community of Inquiry: A Scoping Review and Delphi Study of Student and Facilitator Experience

Presence in an online Community of Inquiry is multifaceted, involving conditions that emanate from both the facilitator and the members of the learning community (Cleveland-Innes & Campbell, 2012; Garrison, 2017; Garrison et al., 1999). In this regard, the recent assessments of the Community of Inquiry framework focusing on the articulation of emotional presence offer important contributions about the significance of emotions at all stages of the learning journey (Cleveland-Innes et al., 2013; Cleveland-Innes & Campbell, 2012; Kang et al., 2007; Lehman, 2006; Peacock & Cowan, 2019). Rolim and colleagues (2019) have raised an important issue regarding the affective in relation to the cognitive indicators and their importance along the continuum of cognition and deep learning in Communities of Inquiry. This presentation articulates the preliminary findings of an in-progress dissertation research project about the indicators of emotional presence in community of inquiry learning. 

Debra Dell is a doctoral candidate in the distance education program at Athabasca University. Debra has had a long career in the field of “unlearning” specifically through work involving untangling cognition and emotion to improve functioning. More recently her work involves designing and developing workforce development and training for an addictions and mental health workforce, largely in online and blended learning modalities. 


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Nov 25 2020


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