Webinar: How to be Resilient in a Post Pandemic World: 10 Steps Toward Personal Mastery and Transformational Change

Presenter: Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd

Many of us have experienced challenge, change and uncertainty as the pandemic impacts every aspect of society, including the economy.

Whether in our personal lives, our work lives or in our role as leaders, faculty members, instructors and teachers, we are challenged to show adaptability, courage and resilience. For those of us who are fortunate to still have jobs, we had to change how we work, where we work and what we work on. It is a different time, requiring totally different behaviours.

This webinar is aimed at all who struggle to stay positive and focused during the pandemic whether we are students, faculty or administrators in college and universities around the world.

In this interactive webinar, we learn:

• What is personal resilience?
• How do we personally build resilience?
• What do we need to do to develop resilience in our colleagues and to help make our organization agile and nimble?
• What do adaptive and resilient organizations look like and how we can we assess where we are as an organization on this critical journey?
• What challenges are we facing in the post-pandemic period that require resilience and agile leadership?

Five key takeaways

• 10 steps to building your personal resilience
• A framework for agile and resilient organizations
• An understanding of resilient and agile management and leadership
• How to “future ready” yourself and your organization

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Feb 11 2021


1:00 pm




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