Webinar: How to Improve Student Engagement in Your College and University Courses by Using K-12 Teaching Techniques

Presenter: Dr. Janet Wood Varner

What can we learn from excellent teaching in elementary and secondary education?

How do we build the capacity of students to be more engaged and able to self-direct their learning?

What can we do as faculty and instructors to facilitate culturally responsive teaching?

Explore with Dr. Varner how:

• Open-ended questioning with total participation techniques not only work but also ensure everyone is engaged and can participate.
• Reflective activities designed to get students to find out what actually gets them to learn are vital. This includes engaging students with the concept of metacognition.
• Flexible grouping of students with norms and protocols is key.
• Exploratory activities with hands-on materials engage college students as much as a group of kindergartners.
• Explicit instruction on when to be engaged with technology and when not to be is important.
• Self-created projects based on clear course objectives can bring a class to life for students as they conduct their individual research as well as share their learning with others.

Three Key Takeaways:

• Develop successful strategies to engage learners in self-directed learning activities.
• Learn how to change the mindset of students from passive to active learning.
• Consider how planning through a lens of access and equity can increase student learning for students of all ages.

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Feb 04 2021


11:00 am




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