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October 2017 Volume 10, Issue 7
A MindShare Moment Video Podcast with Brian Aspinall
On his new gig with Actua, STEM, Coding and what to expect at the 8th EdTech Summit150 Ignite the Night event November 6 at MaRSDD

Brian is a public school teacher in Ontario, Canada on a mission to hack education by coding a classroom for students to create, communicate, think critically and collaborate and highlights his current work with actua.

Follow Brian on Twitter @mraspinall

On behalf of our team, I’m pleased to share the October Special Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit Edition of the MindShare Learning Report- Cross Canada Spotlight on Ontario.

As I reflect on our journey, it’s hard to believe we’re entering our 8th year of hosting Canada’s Educational Technology Leadership Summit, Monday, November 6th at MaRSDD, that began in a classroom at York University. Fast forward to 2017; we’re now situated in Canada’s Leading Innovation Hub, MaRs Discovery District. And space is getting tight there too!

This year’s theme, Designing Next Generation Schools for Today’s Student, takes a broader look at EdTech. We’re bringing in the notion of “design thinking” to the success equation for K12 and post-secondary education. Why? It stems from the many complaints I hear about failed technology implementations. Whether you’re designing a building, a classroom, or a programme, it’s a process that requires collaborative thinking from key stakeholders. I challenge all education stakeholders from teachers to Ministers of Education and everyone in between to join us and challenge your thinking in supporting Canada’s continued leadership in education on a global scale! Check out our amazing presenters and programme! Tickets are limited and going fast!

BONUS addition to our Canadian EdTech Summit, Ignite the Night, with Brian Aspinall and Jennifer Casa-Todd and friends, promises a fast-paced series of passionate educator presentations that will inspire all leaders!

Below are just some of the many highlights in this packed issue:

  1. A MindShare Moment Video Podcast with Brian Aspinall, on his new gig with Actua, STEM, Coding and what to expect at the EdTech Summit Ignite the Night event November 6 at MaRSDD

  2. NEW Ed Leader Spotlight: The world is coming to Toronto for the Online Learning Conference October 16-18 and we bring you a sneak-peek Exclusive Podcast with Maxim Jean-Louis, CEO, Contact North & Conference Chair, World Conference on Online Learning

  3. EdTech Leader Spotlight with Justin Payeur, president & COO of Canadian EdTechexclusive podcast on internet safety and security with the launch of their highly popular app, Boomerang

  4. I was honoured to have a Mindshare Reflections podcast with my dear friend and colleague, Vicki Bigham, a Global EdTech legend who founded the Texas Computing Educator Association Conference and managed EdNET for the past 25 years.

  5. New Research from the OECD: Schools at the Crossroads of Innovation in Cities and Regions

  6. National News from ICTC: Minister Patty Hajdu kicks off a Unique Canada-Wide Student Work Integrated Learning Program for the Digital Economy

  7. C21 Canada Guest Blog from Terry Mirza, VP, Compugen — Building classrooms for the leaders of tomorrow

  8. Ontario Making College and University More Affordable with Free Online Textbooks

I’m looking forward my travels to Vancouver this week as we’re attending the Global conference on coworking as part of our soon to launch Mindshare Workspace, as we redefine the future of work and learning in Canada.

Until next time, keep the digital learning-curve steep!

Robert Martellacci, M.A. EdTech

President, MindShare Learning Technology™
Chief Digital Curator, The MindShare Learning Report™
Co-founder & President C21 Canada™

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P.S. Last chance: $50 discount to our Canadian EdTech Summit for our community members! Use discount code: mslpc50

Quote of the Month

“My congratulations to everyone involved with Computers for Schools. This is a big milestone, and it marks another important step in creating the innovation culture that will sustain our job growth and ensure our success in the digital age. We especially need more women and other under-represented groups to learn the digital skills they need for the jobs of the future. Canada will only succeed if we use everybody’s talents to their full potential.”

– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (On the occasion of 1.5 million computers delivered)

EdTech Leader Spotlight with Justin Payeur, president & COO of Canadian EdTech
Exclusive Podcast on Internet Safety and Security with the launch of their highly popular app, Boomerang

Currently, father of 2 and fulfilling my entrepreneurial spirit as Product Evangelist for Boomerang Parental Controland SPIN Safe Browser – battling the constant love/hate with tech. Previously, I lead sales teams with a supportive environment that makes people want to be part of it – I strongly believe you can work hard and have fun at the same time.

‘NEW’ Ed Leader Spotlight withMaxim Jean-Louis, CEO, Contact North
The world is coming to Toronto for the Online Learning Conference October 16-18

Maxim Jean-Louis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario’s Distance Education and Training Network, headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario and Chair of the World Conference on Online Learning, October 16-19, taking place in Toronto, Ontario.

Maxim leads a team of 300 supporting the delivery of education and training opportunities from the province’s 24 public colleges, 22 public universities, and 250 literacy and basic skills and other training providers to Ontarians living in 600 small, rural, remote, Aboriginal and Francophone communities.

The Future of Work & Learning
MindShare WorkSpace to Launch Canada’s First Mall-Located CoWorking Innovation Space

Mississauga, ON October 3, 2017 – MindShare WorkSpace, a newly established startup is a response to the founder’s desire to nurture a healthy and vibrant 21st century city ecosystem embracing the notion of Live, Work, Play. The MindShare WorkSpace redefines the future of work and learning, providing opportunities from a community of passionate business leaders from all sectors who want to innovate, connect and grow personally and professionally. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to inspire you to work hard, connect with like-minded professionals and have fun.

We’ve assembled some of the top minds from business and education sectors to help guide the evolution of the MindShare WorkSpace.

Dr. Ulli Krull, Principal, University of Toronto Mississauga
Peter Singh, CTO, Toronto District School Board
Joseph Wilson, Director of Business Development SpongeLab (former MaRSDD Advisor)
Mark McPherson, VP, Advanced Presentation Products
Ramy Ghattas, Co-founder, Logics Academy
Suthan Sivanesan, Sr. Business Development Manager, Ontario Centres of Excellence
Michael Bator, Executive Director, CCC/ Former Director Dufferin Peel CDSB
Maxim Jean Louis, CEO, Contact North
Ron Sedran, Managing Director, Syndication, Canaccord Capital
Tim Gard, Teacher Librarian Toronto District School Board
Phil Cutler, CEO & Co-Founder, GradeSlam
Dr. Gina Cherkowski, Founder and CEO of STEM Learning Lab

C21 Canada Spotlight
Building Classrooms for the Leaders of Tomorrow by Terry Mirza, Vice President of Sales, Compugen

Outside of the classroom, today’s children live technology enhanced lives. They communicate through messaging apps, learn skills through YouTube, and coordinate much of their social existence through mobile devices. But elementary, and high schools have not kept pace. They are not in a race for the future, but a race just to catch up to the present. While this presents a challenge, there are ways to bridge the gap.

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K-12 Featured News
MindShare Book Review by Timothy Gard

Disruptive classroom Technologies: A Framework for Innovation in Education

Move over, TPAK and SAMR. We now have a more complete, intuitive and cogent view of using technology in the classroom, and it’s immediately usable.

The T3 Framework – translational, transformation, and transcendent – is poised to move us forward into an actual realization of the way technology should be viewed, and used to make an impact in the classroom. Dr. Magana’s framework makes sense, and it gives us a usable system to use technology in innovative ways. We know that in recent studies technology has been shown to have a low to middling effect on learning outcomes. These studies are not surprising. After integrating technology across the curriculum for over two decades, I have seen the rise and fall of frequent attempts to harness the power of technology for teaching and learning. Alas, even today, not much has changed. It has much to do with the misunderstanding of the role that technology has in teaching and learning. What we have needed is a clear framework for understanding the way forward.

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Conference Corner
Mindshare Reflections podcast with my dear friend and colleague, Vicki Bigham

A MindShare Moment with friend and Colleague, Vicki Bigham, EdTech Legend who founded TCEA, and managed the World’s Leading EdTech Strategy Summit for Over 25 Years. Congrats on a Successful Career!

EdNet 2017 in Phoenix last month marked my 20th year of attending this global B2B thought leader conference. What high value are the relationships and community that evolved over attending. Having said that, there is always a connector as I’m often referred to. However, in this case, Vicki Bigham, also known as ‘Snoops4Scoops’ has taught me a thing or two about the craft of networking. I first met Vicki in Toronto at EdNET 1998, when my old boss Kevin O’Leary keynoted.

Over the course of 20 years Vicki has remained one of the most loyal collaborative, caring and positive individuals I’ve met in my career in education. Perhaps we can all pause and take note of what’s important and valued as we connect and do ‘business’ with education. We all need to live and work and pay bills, but there is a bigger purpose that we all strive for, “doing good things for kids and the leaders who support and nurture their growth and success as education and technology leaders.”

Vicki, I thank you for your mentorship and friendship. I’ve learned a ton from you as a mentor and friend. You have inspired me in many ways to do the same. The greatest challenge is the massive void that will present itself next year at EdNET. Fingers crossed! Enjoy your retirement with George to do the things you enjoy most, family and friends. Watch for the icewine coming your way soon! R.M.

P.S. Check out the youngest reporter in EdTech below. Tatum F. is a 10 year-old EdTech Reporter whom I asked to interview, however, she casually told me she was too busy and gave me her card. LoL!

Tantum F. pictured with her Padcaster is quite possibly the youngest EdTech Reporter in North America had no time to talk to MindShare

MindShare Musings

What a fascinating day in the otherwise typically conservative world of EdTech in Ontario with eCampus Ontario announcing the launch of the Open Textbook Library. The claim: Aims to put money back into the pockets of Ontario students. Check out the video that will be sure to go viral! https://youtu.be/vFVNgaSXtpw So, it begs the question, what was the true motivating factor of such a move? Innovation as the driver, or perhaps buying student votes? I welcome your thoughts!

I have a soft spot for my alma mater, York U, given my awesome experience and some of the past unfair negative coverage in the media. So congrats on this HUGE achievement — Forbes ranks Schulich School of Business No. 1 in Canada – YFile.

I look forward to meeting Yung Wu Named New CEO of MaRS Discovery District. We truly value our partnership with MaRsDD and look forward to an awesome upcoming Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit November 6. 

I’m thrilled to announce Dr. Gina Cherkowski, Founder and CEO of STEM Learning Lab will be joining the MindShare Workspace advisory board. Dr. Cherkowski will advise on our ongoing programming for STEM, Coding and maker weekends for students as part of our mission to redefine the future of work and learning.

It was great connecting with Sheldon Levy while at the CMEC C21 Canada150 Summit in PEI this summer. A former colleague at York U, he was shortly thereafter on the move again! NEXT Canada has announced the hiring of Sheldon Levy as their new CEO. I’m thankful for the excellent advice he offered as we embark on our journey in launching our hybrid coworking/innovation MindShare Workspace. “You need to make sure it’s filled before it opens, that was our strategy at the DMZ,” he said. Success really seems to follow Sheldon, hence I listened and we’re aggressively selling space two months in advance of opening. Thanks for the tip! If you’re interested in a tour, please drop me a note.

Former C21 CEO Academy member Dianne Turner appears to really enjoy a challenge and special projects. She was appointed special advisor for the Vancouver Board of Education a follow-up to her acting Superintendent role last year https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2017EDUC0099-001576

I was so pleased to learn of friend and colleague Michael Cassidy, M.Ed. landing his new gig as Associate Director, Continuing and Professional Learning OISE. He did amazing work at Sheridan College Mississauga Campus and will no doubt work his magic at OISE. Hope to see you at our Summit!

This is quite the honour for Malgosia Green, chief product officer of Top Hat who made the list for the top Canadian women in Tech. This is especially significant as EdTech doesn’t always get the same exposure as mainstream tech companies.

In late breaking news! I had a fantastic time connecting with James Sisneros who is the founder and CEO of Zaahah courtesy of David Smith, Sr. Trade Commissioner from the Canadian Consulate in Denver. I like to say it all begins with a conversation! And, thanks to the connection Zaahah will be one of our Dragon’s Den pitch panel presenters at the Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit Nov. 6. Good luck!

It’s a wrap to sailing season and Team Shannon led by Dr. Ron Owston,

York U. We finished strong!

On that note, it’s a wrap as I prepare to dash off to Vancouver. Until next time, walk the digital talk! R.M.

Microsoft Education Transformation Corner

Transforming Education to Support Our Common Goal

When it comes to digital transformation, there are so many components to consider, especially those at the heart of it – providing an inclusive and quality education. It is this type of education that allows our students to develop the skills they need to support and stimulate future economic growth – it is education’s common goal.

So how do we get started? The ability to provide inclusive and quality education that is both personalized and collaborative is a journey, and it begins with developing educator, leader, and school capacity.

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World Conference of Online Learning | October 16 – 19

Alberta’s Blended and Online Symposium | October 25 – 27

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