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Top 10 Issue #230, June 1, 2019
Dear Thought Leader,

Welcome to the Special Toronto Raptors Edition of this Week in Canadian EdTech. Sorry I couldn’t resist the excitement that’s been generated across Canada and beyond as it truly is Canada’s team!

The Raptors have started a movement that has captivated Canadians from all walks of life and in particular our youth. I began to ponder how it is that strangers are suddenly giving each other high fives and sharing this common bond of cheering on the Raptors. One of the challenges and opportunities as it relates to education, how do we engage our teachers and students to be more passionate and driven to succeed in school?

Research tells us that there is an inverse effect on student engagement as they progress through their years to grade 12 graduation. Our challenge is to infuse ‘Raptor-like’ excitement into their day to help students achieve their full potential. Physical activity needs to be part of the mix and tech infused pedagogy at the right time. Collaboration and project-based collaborative learning working as teams will further help build community too.

We all want to be part of something bigger than us and rally together. Our education systems need to embrace the notion being champions for our students to succeed in their own personalized way.

I hope you’re inspired to infuse ‘Raptor-like’ excitement amongst your team, or students to support their success! #GoRaptors!

In closing, I hope you enjoy this edition of This Week in Canadian EdTech Top10! Speaking of movements, be sure to checkout my special OECD Future of Education & Skills Learning Compass 2030 framework podcast with best-selling author, and global education thought leader, Marc Prensky (coined the term digital native) that will be sure to inspire you and challenge your thinking around the future of learning.

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Until next time, keep the digital learning curve steep!

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6.Virtual High School attracting students from all over the globe
blackburnnews.com.ca, May 29, 2019

The Partnerships Coordinator at the Virtual High School in Bayfield says location really doesn’t mean much in education anymore.

Jean Anne Hamilton says they now have International Partnerships with students in Colombia, the Ukraine, Barbados and Beijing, to name a few. Yesterday she had a visit from their partner in South Korea.

Hamilton says language can be a challenge for some of the students, but it’s also why they students are coming to them so that they’re more comfortable pursuing a post-secondary education in Ontario, elsewhere in Canada or the United States.

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