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Review Your Experiences With CANeLearn

The Canadian eLearning Network (CANeLearn) has been in formal existence since around 2013.  During that time we have been consistently hosting events, partnering with other organizations, and building a library of resources to support K-12 elearning throughout Canada.  For example, we have hosted Summer Leadership Summits in 2014, 2015, and [...]

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Follow Our Twitter Feed

We have an organizational Twitter account. We use Twitter to make sure our content is more easily available to a wider group of people. Twitter allows us to communicate immediately and to target our information to those with specific needs or interests. Follow us on Twitter. In addition to our organizational Twitter account, [...]

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Like Our Facebook Page

As you may know, we have a Facebook page at: So be sure to "Like" our page to stay up to date with all of our latest content. Additionally, in an effort to further develop our Facebook page, we are asking anyone who may have images that they have [...]

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Call For Images From CANeLearn Events

As you may know, we have a Facebook page at: In an effort to further develop our social media presence, in this case our Facebook page, we are asking anyone who may have images that they have taken from any CANeLearn-sponsored or CANeLearn-partnered event to send them to Randy LaBonte [...]

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Announcing the CANeLearn YouTube Channel

Over the past two weeks we have been busy transferring our recorded content to our new YouTube channel. In addition to recordings from the recent CANeLearn Symposium, recordings of previous CANeLearn webinars, and even a recording from our 2012 K-12 Online Leaders Summit. Additionally, CANeLearn has been actively working with [...]

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