May 2021 Newsletter

Photo credit: Ellen Kinsel   Dandelions are a perennial spring symbol, the joy of young children, and the bane of gardeners (thank you No Mow May for starting

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April 2021 Newsletter

Photo credit: Ellen Kinsel Welcome to the April CANeLearn News Well, I guess it is welcome, and goodbye, to April all at the same time. 

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March 2021 Newsletter

Photo credit: Ellen Kinsel | Northern Exposure Welcome to the March CANeLearn News. Who’s ready for Spring?  We know our colleagues in the prairie provinces

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Febuary 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the February CANeLearn News February: The month where it seems winter just wants to hang on.  Despite the days getting longer, the groundhog’s

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January 2021 Newsletter

  The picture above represents the hope we see at the start of the third decade of the 21st Century.  The photo is sunrise at Abraham

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December 2020 Newsletter

The image above, courtesy of long-time colleague and photographer Ellen Kinsel, is a beautiful visual metaphor for self-reflection – which we trust you have the opportunity for

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