July 15/16 COBL meeting – Montreal

Greetings all.  On behalf of the Confederation of Online and Blended Learning (COBL) organizing group we welcome your participation in the July 15/16 meeting in Montreal.  We have 17 who will be attending the meetings in Montreal and 3 virtually online.

This email provides consolidated information about COBL, provides a revised agenda for our two days together, and includes background information.  Should you have any questions about this email or COBL please feel free to contact me (Randy LaBonte: or cell 250-701-7485) or Verena Roberts ( or cell 403-618-4919).
1. Meeting Agenda
– LEARN offices will be open at 8:30 am each day, with the meeting commencing Monday just after 9:00 am for onsite and online participants
– A draft agenda is attached
– We have 3 guest speakers scheduled on Monday morning:  Steve Schoettler (Junyo), Nancy Garrigan (McGraw Hill), and  Matt Wicks (iNACOL)
– During the afternoon discussion Monday online participants are welcome to stay and provide input, or can text/email comments for input to the discussions
– There is a hosted onsite social on Monday at 3:30 pm
– Tuesday’s agenda will be finalized after Day 1 end, and the meeting will commence at 9:00 am
– Tuesday meeting will conclude at 3:30 pm
2. Draft Vision/Mission
– The May 2013 COBL meeting created a draft vision/mission statement and is attached for your review and confirmation at the July meeting
– The draft is also posted here:
3. Logistics
– For our 3 online participants we will be using ZenLive for broadcasting the meeting.  A link will be forwarded to you next week.
– Hotel options are listed at the link below (scroll to page 2), and many of us have chosen to stay at the Hilton:
– The LEARN office is located at 2030 Dagenais, Laval, Quebec (450-622-2212)
Let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you in just over a week.
Verena & Randy