Call for Nominations! Re: CANeLearn AGM September 16 at 18:30 Eastern Time (online)

As we prepare for next week’s AGM, we need to formally adopt our Constitution and By-Laws and Corporate Policies (reattached), and most importantly elect our directors.  The constitution allows for 5 to 9 directors to be elected for a three-year, two-year, and one-year term.

To expedite the nomination/election process, if you are interested in serving on the board please email me back directly indicating your interest and desired length of term (3, 2, or 1 year).  Could you also send me privately any nominations you would like to forward – I can confirm individual’s interest in standing for the board in advance of the meeting.  This will ensure the election process next week encompasses all those interested and flows smoothly.
Note that this email is directed to signed members in your organization, and does not include others in your organization who may wish to serve on the board.  Please forward this email or contact them as appropriate.  I will be sending a second email to our informal contacts tomorrow once I finish updates to the website (sorry, no WordPress site launch yet – technical issues with setting up a multi-site so relying on the Moodle site).
I look forward to our first AGM and elections!  Revised meeting agenda is attached as well (note inclusion of honorary membership award).  I will send out reminders on Monday as well.

Please let me know if you have questions.

R. LaBonte
Canadian eLearning Network

Cell: 250-701-7485