BIT 2015 – When Virtual Resources Meet Virtual Learning

The sixth session that we are blogging at the Bring IT Together 2015 conference is:

When Virtual Resources Meet Virtual Learning

by Donna Millard

The HWDSB System Learning Commons has worked collaboratively with the 21st Century Learning Consultants to provide access and promote use of the myriad of virtual resources the board subscribes to. Using the provincial elearning platform and Media Core, access to the Virtual Library is being exploited to the max. Come see what we have accomplished, what trials we had along the way and successes we have seen.

Become familiar with one venue for virtual resources for student inquiry.
See how D2L can be utilized to provide appropriate access to resources.
See how Media Core provides streaming video access with links to D2.

As we are scheduled at the same time as one that we are presenting in, we just wanted to pass along the session information.

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