BIT 2015 – Inquiry with Blended Learning

The tenth session – and final one – that we are blogging at the Bring IT Together 2015 conference is:

Inquiry with Blended Learning

by Olivia Skibinski

How can teachers use a digital platform to facilitate guided inquiry? Using D2L, google aps, twitter (or other digital platforms), teachers can investigate opportunities for beginning or continuing inquiry and being a co-learner with their students. What are some of the challenges and successes of inquiry based learning in the junior and intermediate years? What are some of the misconceptions around inquiry based learning? How can you provide assessment of learning for reporting? Participants can BYOD to this session to create tasks they will feel confident implementing in their classroom.

Prior to starting her presentation, Olivia indicated that her slides were available at:

Olivia began the session with an overview of several resources that she has either used or has found useful.

She then transitioned to defining blended learning, using several items from eLearning Ontario, including the official eLO definition for blended learning:

Blended learning combines the support of the classroom learning with the flexibility of e-learning.

As you can see from the slides, Olivia basically just provided a bunch of examples of inquiry-type activities that she has done with her students – mainly in science and social studies.

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