What is the D for?

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Interested in flipped classrooms, blended learning environments,distributed learning, our transforming curriculum and general technology coolness?

This year the DL conference (Distributed/Digital/Divergent/Deeper? learning) will be focusing on blended learning environments as we look towards our new BC curriculum. This event brings together Digital educators, Ministry folk, technology vendors, and some of the most innovative blended practitioners out there (wear an aluminum hat! – the brainwave activity is off the chart, never mind the electromagnetic energy!)

Our Key note this year is Alec Couros, you can  watch a session by him on building blended environments or check out hisblog or follow him on twitter

The 19th  promises to be packed with sessions (check out last year’s archived event list) and the Saturday morning will EdCamp working groups.

British Columbia had an appetite for innovative practices (must be the water) so I am hoping that there are some of you interested in running a session, please fill out a presentation proposal (the deadline is December 11, 2015)