Getting Excited About The 2017 CANeLearn Symposium – Michael Barbour

Name: Michael K. Barbour
Position: Associate Professor of Instructional Design – Touro University, California
CANeLearn Involvement: Founding board member, honourary lifetime member
Will you be attending the 2017 CANeLearn Symposium?
I would love to be able to, but I have commitments to attend a conference two weeks before this one and a second conference two weeks after.  I will be participating in any of the sessions that are streamed online.
What 2017 CANeLearn Symposium session(s) are you excited about ?
There are two sessions that I’m particularly excited about.  The first is:

Distributed Learning Audit Workshop
Joanne Armstrong – Compliance Program Lead, BC Ministry of Education
Wednesday, April 5 • 13:45 – 15:15 –
The DL Audit Compliance Program supports the ministry’s efforts to provide accurate funding to boards of education and independent school authorities.
Goals and objectives
– To provide assurance to the ministry and school boards, and independent school authorities that ministry requirements are being followed
– To promote compliance with ministry funding directives
– To support the accurate allocation of education funds based on the funding formula
Major program activities – Conducting audits and reviews in the following areas:

  • K-12 Regular Enrolment
    (including English Language Learning and Aboriginal Education)
  • Continuing Education Enrolment
  • Special Education
  • Distributed Learning Enrolment
  • Summer Learning

As the only province that has a legislative regulatory environment, I’m always interested in finding out as much as I can about those regulations.
The second session that I’m excited about is:

The frontierland of secondary school eLearning: Conquering fear and fostering courage
Alanna King – Teacher-librarian/eLearning teacher, Upper Grand District School Board
Thursday, April 6 • 11:45 – 12:30 –
This session will show you the results so far of our action research project in improving student motivation. Through teaching strategies for increasing student curiosity, control, collaboration, scaffolded challenges and recognition we are conquering fear and fostering courage in the frontierland of secondary school elearning. You will gain full access to our strategies as we harvest your ideas for further exploration and testing.

As a researcher of K-12 distance, online and blended learning, those sessions that feature the systematic collection of data to inform practice have always appealed to me.

So, what 2017 CANeLearn Symposium session(s) are you excited about ?

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