Getting Excited About The 2017 CANeLearn Symposium – Christopher Rozitis

Christopher P. Rozitis
Position: Vancouver Learning Network (Science, Digital Media, Photography)
CANeLearn Involvement: Representing BC Educators for Distributed Learning professional specialist association (a BCTF PSA that represents 200+ public sector K-12 online and blended teachers in BC) on the CANeLearn Symposium Planning Committee.
Will you be attending the 2017 CANeLearn Symposium?
Yes, I will be attending this conference. This conference always is on the forefront of distance learning. There is something for everyone. With the competitive model that BC there seems to be very little collaboration between schools — this is a good opportunity to collaborate with other teachers.
What 2017 CANeLearn Symposium session(s) are you excited about ?
I am very excited to see what Brent Sawatsky and the BCLN has to offer for the new grade 10-12 curriculum.

BCLN – New Curriculum Directions
Over the next two years, BCLN will be focusing on the updating of the Grade 10-12 resources to reflect the new curriculum. In this session, we’ll discuss ideas and strategies in place to accomplish this. Attendees will learn about the existing plans and will help mold future strategies.
Brent Sawatzky – Tech Director, BC Learning Network
In BC, we’ve used a 50+ district consortium model for the last 15 years to evolve online learning resources. I work for the BCLN directors and help by leading the development team (teachers and tech staff) as we develop 70+ courses and student management tools.
Friday April 7, 2017 09:45 – 11:00

So, what 2017 CANeLearn Symposium session(s) are you excited about ?

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