Research Request – Standards for Online Course Design

While the iNACOL standards are not widely used in Canada, a set of research-based standards would be welcome in any jurisdiction.

Dear Online Teacher,
The iNACOL Standards for high-quality online education are widely used, but to date, just one study has attempted to validate them. The iNACOL Standards are the focus of my doctoral research, and your participation in a survey will help to shed light on teachers’ opinions of the standards. Additionally, I have submitted a proposal for iNACOL 2017 in which I will discuss the findings and policy implications of this research.
I am requesting that you participate in the following manner:

  1. Please complete a 10-15 minute anonymous survey, which is found here: Your responses will be aggregated, and any comments you make will be kept anonymous.
  1. One question in the anonymous survey will ask you to provide your email address if you are open to being interviewed about your opinions of the iNACOL standards. Please provide your email address if you are open to being interviewed.

This project is being conducted by me, Kevin Heller, a Doctoral Candidate in Education at UC Davis. Please contact me with any questions.
And most importantly – thank you!
Regards ,
Kevin Heller