Elizabeth Murphy Uploaded "Asynchronous And Synchronous Online Teaching: Perspectives Of Canadian High School Distance Education Teachers" And 4 Other Papers

These notices were posted last week by Michael Barbour on his blog.  Note the multiple articles focused on Canadian K-12 online learning and are all available for free (once you create a free account).

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Elizabeth Murphy uploaded papers on

Asynchronous and synchronous online teaching: Perspectives of Canadian high school distance education teachers

by Elizabeth Murphy

This paper presents the results of an inductive, interpretive analysis of the perspectives of 42 Canadian high school distance education (DE) teachers on asynchronous and synchronous online teaching. The paper includes a conceptual overview of the affor-dances and constraints of each form of teac…

The language learning beliefs of self-identified successful learners of Spanish as a foreign language

by Elizabeth Murphy

This paper reports on a case study designed to gain insight into the language learning beliefs (LLBs) of eight, self-identified, successful learners of Spanish as a foreign language at a Canadian university. Data collection included an online asynchronous discussion and individual online intervie…

Learner centredness in high school distance learning: Teachers’ perspectives and research validated principles

by Elizabeth Murphy

This paper reports on a study that examined teachers’ perspectives on learner centredness in a distance learning context. Data collection relied on semi-structured interviews conducted with 42 Canadian high school teachers. Teachers’ perspectives were analysed then categorised according to the fo…

Teachers’ Perspectives on Motivation in High School Distance Education

by Elizabeth Murphy

Motivation in distance education (DE) has been studied mostly at the postsecondary level with few studies having been conducted at the high-school level. This paper breaks with this tradition by reporting on the perspectives on motivation of 42 Canadian high-school DE teachers. Data collection in…

Rubrics for designing and evaluating online asynchronous discussions

by Elizabeth Murphy

The purpose of the study reported on in this paper was to identify performance criteria and ratings in rubrics designed for the evaluation of learning in online asynchronous discussions (OADs) in post-secondary contexts. We analysed rubrics collected from Internet sources. Using purposive samplin…

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