Thanks For Coming!

Thank you for attending the 2017 CANeLearn Leadership Summit!
The overall rating was a resounding 9.2 out of 10 with all sessions rated as excellent and only a handful as good.  Congratulations to our speakers and presenters, those who curated notes in the Google docs, and all of you who added your voice to make this networking event a great success.  Many expressed regret that more leaders were not in attendance and hinted at the notion of a 2018 summit.
As you know, plenary sessions were streamed online and several were recorded.  As well, many of you helped to curate notes in the Google docs and presentations that included slide decks have been loaded into the Google Folder and links are now available in Sched (  Check out all links to curated documents, files, and photos here:
CANeLearn Facebook (photos):
CANeLearn YouTube videos:

Questions?  Let us know.  Thank you for all your support and contributions.  I look forward to continuing to serve you and others across Canada through our Canadian eLearning Network (

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