State of the Nation Report: Working Conditions for K-12 Distance & Online Learning Teachers in Canada

In addition to the annual reports, the State of the Nation research team also develop policy briefs.  These reports represent research on topics related to K-12 e-learning in Canada beyond the content contained in the annual reports, and are released as separate documents.  The first of these additional reports was released this past Tuesday.
The British Columbia Teachers Federation requested a report that explores written provisions for the working conditions of K-12 distance education and online learning teachers in Canada (i.e.,  generally referred to as distributed learning throughout the report).  The authors describe that there are actually few distributed learning regulations that go beyond what would be expected for traditional brick-and-mortar education.  Further, these unique aspects are reflective of stakeholders’ efforts to examine what constitutes the equivalent experiences for teaching in the distributed learning environment relative to traditional classroom teaching.
The report can be accessed at