Dotto Tech This Week, we started a Vlog! OMG!!!

Members should note this new vlog, as well as the regular Dotto Tech webinars that Steve hosts each Wednesday.  These resources may be of interest to folks…

Hey CANeLearn!

This has been a huge week for me, for the whole Dotto Tech team, but especially for me.

You may have noticed that we are back to publishing our tutorial videos on YouTube, with a new format, but that is just the beginning.

This week we published my first Vlog!

I have to say, it was WAY more difficulty than I ever imagined it would be.

Why have I decided to do a vlog?

I am glad you asked, as it is the main topic of this week’s newsletter….

Late last year as I was reflecting on the year that was, and planning for the year to come, I became inspired to reach beyond my comfort zone, and set a goal of growing our YouTube channel to 1 million subscribers by 2020.

To be honest, I had no idea if we could do that, but I reached out to someone I respect, who would know, Jeremey Vest and asked him.

Jeremy said “hell yah” so I called him on it and asked for his help.

The vlog is a part of Jeremy’s strategy for helping us reach the goal.

I have published a lot of video, hosted live webinars, done countless TV and radio shows, been on stage for theatrical performances and keynote speeches, but hitting publish on this vlog was one of the most insecure moments I have experienced.

I will share the reasons over the next few weeks and months. For now, please, have a look, it does not have a name yet, little structure, it is really just a rough sketch of what I hope it will become.

I look forward to your feedback.

No Webinar Wednesday this week as Steve is on the road!

If you are going to be at Social Media Marketing World 2018 San Diego, be sure to say hi to him

New videos this week:

Scheduling and Appointment Software
A real time saver! Scheduling software allows others to book time with you based on your availability, eliminating back and forth emails.

Google Calendar Tips
Some terrific tips for getting more out of Google Calendar

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