2018 BC Digital Learning Symposium – Part One

A couple of updates on the up-coming British Columbia based digital learning conference that CANeLearn is helping to organize.

Hello again.  We are excited about the upcoming symposium and want to share some ideas for expanding our impact on delegates.

We have updated session descriptions to include a link to an online Google document to curate presentations and enable delegates to ask you questions in advance, and after, your presentation.  The documents will also be used to curate impressions/takeaway ideas from our sessions.

Please consider the following before, during, and after your session:

  • Check out delegate questions posted in advance and try to address them in your presentation;
  • During your session, invite some attendees to take notes, provide impressions and insights in the Google document link in your session description.  Please note that Google docs could bog down, so one or two designated curators is enough.
  • Reviewing your own presentation and adding some additional information to the Google document.  This could include a link to your presentation posted in the cloud (Google, Slideshare, etc.), URLs mentioned in your presentation, or any other useful follow-up information for delegates.  This can be done anytime: before, during, or after your session.
  • After your session, check out the curated notes and add to the conversation there as appropriate.

The key point here is: what do we want our attendees to learn about, to make a note of, and to remember for their own practice?

The Google documents will be stored on a Google Site that will live beyond the symposium, the site we are using and will be shared openly with those attending and those that could not.

In the spirit of educating and of open practice, please help us to push our boundaries and to expand our reach to help improve learning opportunities for all educators.