This Week on Dotto Tech: Webinar Palooza! Tell Your Friends!!

These announcements for Dotto Tech won’t become a habit, but we did feel that this particular session may be interesting for Canadian K-12 distance, online, and/or blended learning programs or organizations that may be interested in having periodic or occasional webinars.

Hey Michael!

What a week we have planned!

Webinar Palooza is back!

What the heck is a webinar palooza?

Webinar Palooza is “pub crawl” through the most popular webinar platforms.

One of the most difficult software decisions clients have to make is choosing a webinar platform.

Just looking at the feature set in no way shows you what the experience is going to be like for either the webinar presenters or guest.

Webinar Palooza is a totally unique event where we will move from webinar platform to webinar platform in a single session, with participants experiencing the experience for each platform, helping them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform as perceived by their attendees.

Webinar Palooza explores all 3 facets for Webinars.

1 As an attendee: what is the webinar experience for guests

2 As a presenter: what tools, features and challenges will presenters experience

3 As an administrator: how do you set up and launch your webinar, integration, marketing follow up tools.

Webianr Palooza is free.

I have a huge favour to ask, I usually don’t do this but please share this with your friends, co-workers, and associates who may benefit from webinars!


Join us for Webinar Palooza

A Free Virtual Webinar Pub Crawl

Wednesday, March 21 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern

Save Your Free Spot Here

This Week’s Featured Video

Google Home, my first look.

Steve’s Vlog

We had some serious issues collecting a urine sample from Farley.

You can’t make this stuff up!

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