Announcing Our Opening Plenary Speakers At DLAC!

CANeLearn continues to encourage those involved in Canadian e-learning programs to consider attending this conference.

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We are thrilled to announce our opening plenary speakers: Alexandra Griffith and Heather Hiebsch!

At this point you’re probably thinking: “That’s great! Uh, wait, who?”

Stick with me while I explain why they are perfect for DLAC.

It’s true that we didn’t decide to fly someone across the Atlantic to amuse the DLAC audience with a British accent. Nor did we bring in a prominent politician, actor, rock star or rapper.

What we have instead: two women who have incredible stories about using digital learning to support instructional changes and improve student outcomes in their classrooms and schools.

You won’t hear the 35,000-foot perspective filled with amusing anecdotes and platitudes. Nor the politician telling you what you should do. Nor the “expert” who hasn’t stepped foot in a classroom in years.

Alex and Heather will give us the perfect opening to two days of conversations about what digital learning is really like. They’re not studying others’ work, nor recalling some distant past—they are living it now.

Alex will share her journey as a public high school English teacher in Wisconsin, starting with feeling like a failure and resolving to do better. If you want to read about her story ahead of meeting Alex in Austin, her story is here.

Heather’s path includes starting one of the most successful hybrid public schools in Colorado, then taking those lessons to work with students in developing countries across the world.

I’ve seen them both present, and I’m sure you will find them inspiring. In their stories you will hear echoes of your own journey, challenges, and successes.

One more thing: they will each have twenty minutes, just like every other DLAC speaker. Because even as great as they are, DLAC is a gathering for discussions. The talks are meant to inspire conversations—and I know Alex and Heather will do just that.

I look forward to seeing them, and you, in Austin.

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