Speak Up 2018-19 Data Now Available!

CANeLearn encouraged K-12 e-learning programs to participate in this survey.  For those that did, the data is available.  For those that didn’t, check out the results and know that you could obtain your own school or program level data next year if you participate.


Your Speak Up data is in!

We are excited to release the Speak Up 2018-19 data results to all participating organizations! If your school or district is currently participating or participated in Speak Up, it’s time to see what your students, teachers, parents, and community members had to say by viewing your online reports! Keep reading to learn how to access your data and much more.

▪ Your survey results are now available! Learn how to access your Speak Up data results.
▪ Exporting your data is easy: Simply print the results or copy and paste them into one of our templates.
▪ Need help with your Speak Up data? Learn more about our Speak Up services.
▪ Speak Up on the go! Learn more about upcoming Speak Up data webinars and presentations with our CEO, Julie A. Evans.
▪ Let Project Tomorrow assist you with your EIR grant application process.

For fifteen years, Speak Up has been providing this service to schools and districts around the country. We’re excited to see how this data informs your initiatives, policies and practices. Drop us a note and let us know how you use the data this year or how we can make the surveys even more useful next year. We love hearing from you! Feel free to share your thoughts with us on FacebookTwitter, and our Blog.

-The Project Tomorrow team


Access your Speak Up results online

All schools and districts who registered for Speak up 2018-19 can now access their data for free – here’s how:

1. Click here to access your reports, then select the 2018 collection period.
2. Select either the District or the School option.
3. Next, the name of your district or school name and the state.
4. Select your district or school from the list and enter your password.
5. To view data reports, select the number in the ” # of District Surveys” column to display that survey type.
6. To view your open ended text responses, click on “District” in the Open Ended Responses Column.
7. Print the results or copy and paste them into your own file or this *Speak Up Data Excel Template.*

*Please note: at least one survey must be present to display the survey results with state and national comparisons.

Note for 2018-2019 reports: As of 2/15/19 online reports are considered valid and are ready for download. Online reports will continue to refresh with up to date results every Saturday evening through the close of Speak Up. For those that have completed Speak Up, your local results will stay the same, but you will now also have access to real time results for state and national data until the close of the survey in June.

Exporting your Speak Up data

Exporting your Speak Up data is quick and easy! Just follow these steps:

1. Highlight and copy the Speak Up data by survey type from your Speak Up results homepage.
2. Paste your data into our template Excel spreadsheet (click here to download) – the survey types are already organized by tab.
3. The file is already formatted to print, making it easy to view your data!

Click here to learn more about accessing your data, or watch our quick how-to video here.

Data Templates

Coming Soon!

PowerPoint Templates
Data and Discussion Guides for educators and students such as:
1. State of Digital Citizenship Education
2. Addressing the Homework Gap
3. Teacher Professional Learning
4. Preparing Students for the World of Work

Click here for more information.


Need help?

The Project Tomorrow staff is available to help you effectively use your data. Here are just a few of the services we can provide you:

▪ Identify the top 5 trends in your school, district or state with national benchmarks
▪ Create a Speak Up presentation that you can use to share your Speak Up results in your school or district
▪ Provide Speak Up fast facts that can be used on your website, newsletters or promotional materials
▪ Present your Speak Up data in person or via a webinar
▪ Prepare a summary of your specific Speak Up findings (school, district or state) that can be distributed to your stakeholders
▪ Write a case statement, using the Speak Up data, highlighting the benefits of investing in technology (school, district, state or national)
▪ Prepare a customized narrative report about your Speak Up data (school, district or state)

Contact the Speak Up Team to learn more about our consulting services and fees.


Speak Up On the Go!

Announcing Online Seminars! Need help with sorting through your data results? Sign up to attend one of our complementary online seminars focused on supporting your data efforts. Seminars will be offered in March. Limited seats available.

School and district leaders, you are invited to a special, complimentary online seminar that will help you translate your locally collected Speak Up data into actionable knowledge that you can use immediately. In this 90-minute online seminar, we will help you learn how to leverage Speak Up data to:
Build community support for a new initiative or validate your current decisions
Help your teachers appreciate the views of students and parents
Inform local decision-making or investments
Develop new funding sources to support your plans
*Strategize new ways to become engaged with Project Tomorrow

This special online webinar will provide you with new insights into your Speak Up data – and stimulate ideas for improved use of that data within your everyday activities. Hope you can join us!

National School Boards Association Conference – Philadelphia – March 29 – April 1, 2019
Sunday, March 31, 3:45 PM
Room: TLN
Student Voices: How 6th Graders Define Digital Learning
Hear the top 5 things every board member and district leader should know about today’s students, digital learning and their aspirations from a panel of middle school students. Since 2003, the Speak Up Research Project on Digital Learning has collected the authentic, unfiltered views and ideas of over 5.4 million K-12 students, parents and educators about digital learning. Student panelists react to and enrich the data by sharing their desire for learning experiences that are socially-based, un-tethered and digitally rich.


Project Tomorrow in support of your EIR application!

As I am sure you know, the Department of Education released notices for their Education and Innovation Research (EIR) grants earlier this month. These Early, Mid-Phase, and Expansion grants fund the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative education programs.

What you may not know is that in addition to our Speak Up Research activities, Project Tomorrow also has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of efficacy and evaluation studies that investigate the impact of innovative learning tools and models on education outcomes. Since 2007, we have conducted over 40 such studies in both K-12 and higher education. In addition, for over 10 years, we have annually reviewed and advised a large global corporate funder on the evaluation plans of the education grantees. As you would imagine, we have particularly strong expertise in the use of technology-based solutions as an intervention, but our capacity is not limited to evaluating digital programs exclusively. Of course we have the unique ability to leverage Speak Up data (both local and national) as a comparative data set in many studies. I am sure you already realize that your Speak Up data can be used for the rationale for your grant also.

If you are interested in applying for an EIR grant, we would be happy to discuss with you how we can support your efforts as your proposed external evaluator. We are happy to set up a call or Zoom meeting with you and/or your team to discuss your proposed project and our capabilities.

Good luck with the grant process! Your success is our success – let us know how we can help you.

Julie A. Evans, Ed.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow


In case you missed it…

Speak Up Resources Extension

No timeline or deadlines, Speak Up is open through the academic school year.
That is right: we have lifted the Speak Up deadlines; this means you and your school/district can plan accordingly and set up your own schedule. The surveys will be open year round. Partner with us to create a timeline that best fits your schedule.

Customization and personalization of Speak Up data collection tools.
We want to make sure you can customize the tools that you need in order to collect the data you want from your stakeholders. Here are three ways you can collect data:

1. Speak Up 360 – Annual, comprehensive feedback tool to learn about the views of education stakeholders. Speak Up 360 provides education leaders with tools to collect and analyze longitudinal data around multiple themes and from a variety of audiences to support both short- and long-term planning and decision-making.
2. Speak Up Snapshots – Data collection tools focused on particularly timely topics of interest to education leaders. For this year, the focus is on the impact of mobile learning initiatives and the professional learning experiences and aspirations of teachers.
3. Speak Up Flash Indicators – Short 5-question surveys on hot topics in education aimed to collect indicator data to inform current initiatives or decisions. This year’s hot topics include school-to-home communications, school safety and digital citizenship.

Speak Up Intelligence Guides
This new solution has been developed to help you understand and present your data in the best manner. It is important that you have the tools to be able to identify questions and set up actionable items based on your stakeholder feedback. We will provide the framework for you to use that actionable knowledge and throughout the years we will be able to help you translate your data with context and experience.

Video Announcement

“When school and district leaders understand the needs and aspirations of these most important constituencies, those leaders are more effective in designing, developing and implementing transformations in the education system that will better prepare students for the future. We have upgraded our Speak Up solutions to make that a reality within all schools.” -Dr. Julie A. Evans, CEO

Watch the LIVE announcement of the new Speak Up resources made at the 2019 Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, FL on Monday 1/28.

Click here to watch the video.


2018-19 Speak Up Challenges

This year we are introducing our Blog/Vlog challenges, these challenges are meant for students and principals to interact with new mediums: we want to hear from students on what they predict is the future of learning. What do they envision school will be like in 2025? We also want to hear from principals as to what they learned from their 2017 Speak Up data. #VoicesofSpeakUp

Student Blog/Vlog Challenge
Challenge Type: Individual
Participant eligibility: K-12 students
Prize: $100/student (3 winners) & $100/supporting teacher (3 winners)
Deadline: Thursday January 31, 2019 3:00pm PT.
Write a 500 word blog or create a 2-3 min vlog answering the following prompt:

Help us predict the future of learning! What will “school” be like in 2025? How will new technologies change the way students go to school, learn, and interact with their teachers and classmates?
Submit your entry here.

Principal Blog/Vlog Challenge
Challenge Type: Individual
Participant eligibility: School Principal
Prize: $300 (one winner)
Deadline: Thursday January 31, 2019 3:00pm PT.
Write a 1,000 word blog or create a 3-5 min vlog answering the following prompt:

What did we (your school) learn from our 2017 Speak Up data?
Submit your entry here.

Photos are allowed in both blog/vlog submissions. In order to qualify for any prize the entire class of the teacher leader must participate and complete the Speak Up survey. By submitting your blog/video, you also give Project Tomorrow permission to use it for any educational or promotional purpose related to Speak Up.

Winners will be announced the first week of February!

Have you Spoken

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