May 2019 Newsletter

Spring is finally here, oops I mean summer!  We shift from flood damage to forest fires in our ever-changing, dynamic expression of weather patterns.

This issue focuses on some topical items for the spring and sets a stage for the end of the school year for many.  Please remember to pay it forward.

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In the News

Online Learning Graduation Requirement: Lessons from Michigan

  • CANeLearn invited Joe Freidhoff from Michigan Virtual to share some of his research on Michigan’s 2006 policy of online learning requirement for high school graduation.
  • Joe shares some of the research, but provides some advice for provinces that may be headed down that path, or contemplating it.
  • Check out Joe’s blog post here

CANeLearn on Ontario’s announcement for required eLearning courses for high school completion

  • The March 15 announcement continues to spark considerable discussion and debate in both main-stream and social media channels.
  • Unfortunately, a lot of the commentary included many discredited myths, misinformation, and pitted e-learning against classroom-based learning.
  • If you missed it, check out our summary response.
  • Read CANeLearn’s response here

Explore 24 Resources on Practices for Design & Delivery

  • Check out a compilation of practices for design and delivery of online learning from around the world
  • Brought to you by Contact North | Contact Nord (see more below)
  • Check out the lists here

How software company D2L revolutionized the way classrooms function 

  • When five twentysomethings founded D2L, technology was everywhere—except the classroom
  • So they decided to reboot the education system
  • Read the Maclean’s article here

Publication du onzième rapport sur la situation nationale du e-learning en M-12 au Canada

  • Cette édition du rapport sur la situation nationale du cyberapprentissage en M-12 au Canada en est à sa 11ème année, et c’est aussi la sixième fois que le Réseau canadien de cyberapprentissage (CANeLearn) nous soutient dans cette recherche.
  • Ce rapport suit l’édition relativement longue du dixième anniversaire, et le rapport annuel a subi des changements importants.
  • Cette 11ème édition décrit les changements survenus en lien avec la gouvernance et l’activité de cyberapprentissage au cours de l’année écoulée tant au niveau des provinces qu’à celui des territoires.
  • Voir plus ici

Featured Events

Featured Events

blendED 2019: Alberta Blended & Online Learning

October 23-25 in Edmonton

Registration open, but call for proposals closes May 31!


10th Canadian EdTech Leadership Summit

The Future Of Education And Skills 2030

Dec 5-6 Centennial Secondary School, Coquitlam BC


2020 BOLTT (Bringing Online Teachers Together)

April 2-3, 2020 in Toronto

Evening keynote address // Full day skill building event

More info at

Archived keynote from BOLTT Ottawa 2019 available here


Digital Learning Collaborative Annual Conference

Save the date!  February 24-26, 2020 – Austin TX

Watch a 4-minute video summary of the first annual event here


Missed the CANeLearn – BC Partners Symposium?

Mark the dates for April 19-21, 2020 in Vancouver BC

Click here to see pictures, presentations, recorded sessions

Worth a look…


Twitter EDU – The Twitter Guide

  • From David Truss (@datruss)
  • A free online book: Your One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter.
  • “The hardest part of Twitter is that it does not have a friendly entry point. Until you develop a network, it actually takes a bit of work to make it meaningful and rewarding.”
  • Filled with ‘live’ links to help you Tweet and Retweet as you read the book, Twitter EDU makes learning to use Twitter an engaging experience!
  • Find downloadable versions here

Must-Read Books on Online Learning from

  • A fascinating and powerful collection of books and articles of interest to those teaching online and at a distance, instructional designers, administrators and policymakers
  • Sorted list available here

From Signals to Seas of Change

  • Michael Fullan
  • A free article (5 free articles available) posted on the EdCan Network site
  • “deep system change in public education is inevitable over the next decade, and Canada is in a position to help lead the way ”
  • “It changes outcomes (namely toward global competencies); it changes pedagogy (by focusing on personally and collectively meaningful matters); and it alters context (where people pursue learning, and with whom)”
  • Fullan reports on advances in Ontario and Quebec as part of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning initiative
  • Read more here…

Blended Learning – Design, Delivery, and Engagement

  • “Combining online learning with a face-to-face experience dedicated to active learning has been found to be a very successful model for teaching effectiveness and student engagement and achievement.”
  • Practical advice and resources for successful blended learning courses
  • Read more here…

Rethinking Learning and Teaching in the Digital Age

Ten key developments changing the dynamics of universities and colleges:

  1. Student Expectations and Requirements are Changing.
  2. Flexibility is Shaping New Ways of Delivering Programs and Courses.
  3. Competency-based and Outcome-based Learning are Growing Quickly – expanding into fields which long resisted this move, especially for universities (colleges are already engaged in competency-based education (CBE) for a considerable time).
  4. Technology is Enabling New Approaches to teaching, learning, assessment, and administration.
  5. MOOCs are Offering Expanded Routes to the Delivery and Recognition of Learning, including for K-12 and college-based students.
  6. Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning are Changing – using video, simulation, virtual reality, as well as new forms of paper-based assessment.
  7. Governments are Rethinking Quality and Accountability.
  8. Equity Remains a Challenge, Despite Massification.
  9. e-Portfolios Are Emerging as Critical Resources for Students.
  10. The Roles of Faculty are Changing.

From the MVLRI Research Clearinghouse

Happy reading!


Adventures in Archives

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