Sevenstar Academy: Top Ten Myths About Online Learning

CANeLearn was featured in the latest Sevenstar Academy newsletter.
The financial sustainability of faith-based schools is an important issue for school administrators and the community that depends on its services.
Dr. Mark Beadle recently published a new article that shares a framework for financing Christian schools and ideas to expand academic services online to improve the bottom line.
Visit our blog to discover four pro forma options that Christian schools can use to fund the innovation of adding online courses to their face-to-face schools.


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Top Ten Myths About Online Learning
More than a decade ago, iNACOL released a list of “Top Ten Myths about Virtual Schools”. In an effort to address some of the misinformation recently published about K-12 online learning, CANeLearn updated the list of myths and provided examples from a Canadian context. Read More

An online version is also available here.