DLAC 2020 – Scaling Up for Mandatory e-Learning

Our team has been attending the Digital Learning Annual Conference over the past couple of days.  Today, our CEO – Randy LaBonte presented the following session:

Scaling Up for Mandatory e-Learning: A Perspective from Canada’s Largest Province – Ontario

Type: Organized Session of Talks

Location: Texas Ballroom 7

Description: The Ontario government announced a reform of education that included a mandatory four e-learning course graduation requirement – a 10-fold increase from 50,000-60,000 students in e-learning to over 600,000. Recent data indicates e-learning students are as successful as classroom-only learning with up to 94% completion in some provincial programs. A panel of leaders will discuss how Ontario is planning to meet the required increase without compromising the quality of existing programs. Join them!


  • Randy LaBonte, Canadian eLearning Network

The slides for this session are posted here:

[slideshare id=228947378&doc=dlactabletalkmandatoryelearning-200223184727]