CANeLearn Webinar


CANeLearn Webinar Friday

A Fall Like No Other Part 2 ~ Un automne pas comme les autres (2ème partie):

Stories from the Field – Voices of K-12 Stakeholders During Pandemic

December 4th at 1:00 pm Eastern

A presentation and discussion of new CANeLearn research on Cross Canada responses to the Fall pandemic planning in K-12 schools —

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CANeLearn’s Pandemic Series

CANeLearn is researching what K-12 school districts across Canada have offered in the way of programming and supports during the pandemic.  We published our first report in August and the second report that details what the Ministries and Departments announced this Fall 2020 for remote learning.  A third report will be available prior to the December 4 webinar that brings the voice of key stakeholders within the K-12 online and blended learning community across Canada that describes what actually happened on the ground.  

Check out all information and reports on the 
CANeLearn Remote Learning Website

Live Presentations

Join the authors of the report in a series designed to chronicle how each province and territory in Canada managed their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This online workshop will delineate what actions each jurisdiction took: the tools, content, and devices provided, curated, and/or created; and, the nature of instruction that occurred.

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Rejoignez les auteurs du rapport d’une série qui présente comment chaque province et territoire du Canada a réagi à la pandémie du COVID-19. Cet atelier en ligne décrira les initiatives mises en oeuvre par chaque juridiction : les outils, les contenus, les appareils fournis, les stratégies pédagogiques et la nature de l’enseignement qui a eu lieu.

Last live date (archives on website):December 4 at 1:00 pm Eastern

Register here.  An email with more information and links to live and archive sessions will follow.  

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