August 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the August CANeLearn News.

As the bounties and beaches of summer start to dim, we are excited by yet another new school year.  The past two and a half years challenged our status quo and pushed the education system to adapt and adopt new pedagogies supported by technology.  Some were successful, others not.  The key is to apply what we learned to continue to build more flexible and engaging learning experiences for students in all environments: online, in schools, in the community, and at home.

Michael Barbour, principal researcher for the State of the Nation: K-12 E-Learning in Canada, shares perspectives about what happened in the remote learning era that seems to be continuing in some jurisdictions in Canada and internationally.  He reflects, sadly, that education seems destined to lapse back to its status quo.  He argues that today there is no excuse to repeat the mistakes of the past and apply what we have learned from past challenges and pandemics.  See his post here.  

CANeLearn will publish a compilation of what schools did and what was learned over the pandemic along with new research and learning opportunities throughout the year.  Make sure to get your colleagues to sign up for our monthly newsletter!


CANeLearn Leadership Summit – Friday, September 16 [online]
  • Featuring: OeLC: A Data Perspective on (Ontario’s) PPM167, BC Online Learning Policy Implementation, K-12 Digital Security & Privacy, Designing Learning Spaces, Building Inclusive Classrooms, and a closing panel to push our thinking through the school year
  • Included in registration will be a pre-release of CANeLearn’s summative Pandemic Pedagogy & Policy series
  • Program and Registration here


20th Annual Digital Learning Symposium – October 19-21 – Vancouver


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20th Annual Digital Learning Symposium

October 19-21 – Downtown Vancouver BC

Registration is open!

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  • Modeling hybrid learning & full technology solutions
  • Focus on evidence-based quality online/blended solutions
  • Sharing insights, effective online pedagogy, and research 

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