New "Practitioner Corner" Section of the Journal of Online Learning Research

Practitioner’s personal experiences with teaching and learning can provide valuable information about the contexts to which some researchers expect their findings to apply. Articles in the Practitioner Corner section should present detailed explanations and reflections on educational innovations. Ideally, these articles document problems posed in specific contexts, strategies tried, outcomes, and reflections on learning. Taken together, these articles should reveal trends in educational needs and everyday factors that influence K-12 distance, online, and blended learning. Articles in the Practitioner Corner section should go beyond “Did it work?” to explore how interventions function and the boundaries of their scalability (i.e., how could it be or what is stopping it from being implemented elsewhere?).
Articles in the Practitioner Corner section should contain a structured abstract using the format presented below. The body of the manuscript need not conform to the structure of the abstract.
  • Context. Briefly summarize the context in which the intervention was implemented.
  • Problem. Briefly state the practical learning or performance gap addressed by the intervention or other strategy and how the present intervention addresses the problem in a novel way
  • Intervention. Briefly describe the strategy or intervention, specifying why it addresses the practical problem and was thought to improve upon previous approaches
  • Outcomes. Briefly describe what happened to BOTH educational processes AND outcomes when the intervention was implemented
  • Lessons Learned. Briefly summarize lessons learned that other educators could use when attempting to address a similar practical problem – note this is not a summary of impact, but a reflection on what was learned about implementing the strategy
Articles in the Practitioner Corner section must be at least 1000 words but should be no more than 3500 words. Articles submitted to the Practitioner Corner section will not be sent through a traditional blind review process but will undergo an editorial review or a review by a topical expert.

For more information, contact Michael K. Barbour, Ph.D.