Earlier today, Michael Barbour presented on behalf of himself and Randy LaBonte at the 2019 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education conference.  Their session was described as:

K-12 Distance and Online Learning Services Provided to Minority Language Students in Canada

ID: 54064Type: Full Paper
  1. Randy LaBonte, Canadian eLearning Network (CANeLearn), Canada
  2. Michael Barbour, Touro University California, United States

Wednesday, March 20 10:15-10:45 AM

No presider for this session.

This study examines the parity or equity between distance education (DE) services offered by the Centre francophone d’éducation à distance and services offered by Alberta Distance Learning Centre, as well as other minority-language DE providers across Canada. Using a case study methodology, the researchers found that while most minority-language online program administrators stated there was a rationale for the program, many reported it was not necessarily well understood by all stakeholders across the general education system. In most cases, it was noted the courses offered were not able to meet all aspects of the provincial program of studies given the inability to offer all required courses due to a lack of adequate funding.


The session was based on research conducted by CANeLearn that can be found at:


The slides from the session are embedded below.