Spring 2017 Research Clearinghouse Newsletter

Note that CANeLearn is a partner in the Research Clearinghouse for K-12 Blended & Online Learning.  If you’d like to get involved in adding more Canadian-focused research to this resource, please contact us.   Spring ’17 Quarterly Research Clearinghouse Newsletter Hello everyone, Our quarterly Clearinghouse newsletter is intended to bring attention to recently published scholarship in […]

MVLRI Adds Canadian Organization As Contributor To Research Clearinghouse

The Canadian e-Learning Network (CANeLearn) whose mission is “to provide leadership that champions student success by supporting organizations and educators involved in online and blended learning through networking, collaboration, and research opportunities,” is now a project contributor for the Research Clearinghouse for K-12 Blended and Online Learning.  The Research Clearinghouse is the largest initiative of […]

Research Clearinghouse for K-12 Blended & Online Learning

With Michigan’s school aid act for the 2012-13 school year, the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute (MVLRI), housed at Michigan Virtual University, was asked to create a clearinghouse for research reports, academic studies, evaluations and other information related to K-12 online learning. During the same time, the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) was […]