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Canadian eLearning Network, Here’s How Your Channel Did Last Month

Some recent statistics from our YouTube Channel. May 2020 Creator Monthly Canadian eLearning Network Creator since 03-2017 55 subscribers Happy YouTube-versary! It's been more than 1,576,800 minutes since your first upload. That's 3 whole years! Here’s how your channel did this month +4 SUBSCRIBERS +441 VIEWS +2,145 MINUTES WATCHED And [...]

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Canadian eLearning Network, here’s how your channel did last month

We want to thank folks for interacting with the content on our YouTube channel.  Be sure to subscribe to the channel at - plus you can like and share our videos. November 2019 Creator Monthly Canadian eLearning Network Creator since 03-2017 49 subscribers OMG! You had 474 minutes watched [...]

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Subscribe to the CANeLearn YouTube Channel

Over the past few months we have been busy transferring our recorded content to our new YouTube channel. For example, we have recordings from the recent CANeLearn Symposium, the CANeLearn Leadership Summit, previous CANeLearn webinars, and even from our 2012 K-12 Online Leaders Summit. Additionally, CANeLearn has been actively working [...]

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SK IT Summit 2019 – Canadian eLearning RoundUp: Leadership Perspectives

Earlier today our CEO, Randy Labonte, gave a presentation to the Saskatchewan IT Summit 2019 in Saskatoon, SK.  The session was entitled "Canadian eLearning RoundUp: Leadership Perspectives" and we have captured the live stream of the presentation below. If you are interested in the images from the Saskatchewan [...]

BC DL Symposium 2019 – Demo Slam   The final session at the April 2019 Digital Learning Symposium in Vancouver BC featuring 3-minute demonstrations of cool tech to teachers to use in their classrooms. Featuring EdTech Team, Microsoft, and Canvas. Note that you can access images from the event in one of our photo albums [...]

BC DL Symposium 2019 – Sunday Keynote: George Barcenas   April 2019 Digital Learning Symposium keynote. My name is “Jorge” is about embracing who we are and look at the struggles we have in teaching as chances to grow. Come watch, listen and finally embrace “Who we are” all the while using technology as our common language. [...]

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