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Michael K. Barbour is Associate Professor of Instructional Design for the College of Education and Health Sciences at Touro University California. He has been involved with K-12 online learning in a variety of countries for well over a decade as a researcher, teacher, course designer and administrator. Michael's research focuses on the effective design, delivery and support of K-12 online learning, particularly for students located in rural jurisdictions.

[L_OSBC_Announce] Awards

Note their selection as a finalist for this international award for this Canadian-based K-12 e-learning program. Proud to have partnered with and be an award finalist for Chinese Historical Wrongs Apology and Legacy Initiatives. Our contribution was the development of the Bamboo Shoots website, designed for Social Studies teachers [...]

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[Republication] Rapport sur la situation nationale du e-learning en M-12 au Canada : Mise à jour du projet

Nous avons remarqué que les chercheurs du projet de la situation nationale du e-learning en M-12 au Canada en partenariat avec CANeLearn ont publié cette information il y a quelques jours. L'édition 2017 du rapport sur la situation nationale du e-learning en M-12 au Canada représente le dixième anniversaire du [...]

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Recording of the CIDER 2018 Session – State of the Nation: K-12 E-Learning in Canada

Note that we have also made the recording available on the CANeLearn YouTube channel at Our most recent session June 6, 2018 State of the Nation: K-12 E-Learning in Canada Michael Barbour, Touro University Mare Island Randy LaBonte, Canadian eLearning Network (CANeLearn) The 2017 issue of the State of the Nation: [...]

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We have an organizational Twitter account. We use Twitter to make sure our content is more easily available to a wider group of people. Twitter allows us to communicate immediately and to target our information to those with specific needs or interests. Follow us on Twitter. In addition to our organizational Twitter account, [...]

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Call for Presenters: DE Conference 2018

Note this call for presenters from this Saskatchewan-based conference that focuses on K-12 distance, online, and blended learning. Hello colleague! You are receiving this email because you attended the Building Student Engagement in Distance and Blended Learning conference last year.  At the end of the conference, a new planning committee was appointed to begin the [...]

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Over the past few months we have been busy transferring our recorded content to our new YouTube channel. For example, we have recordings from the recent CANeLearn Symposium, the CANeLearn Leadership Summit, previous CANeLearn webinars, and even from our 2012 K-12 Online Leaders Summit. Additionally, CANeLearn has been actively working [...]

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