Participate in the 2018 Speak Up Survey

We continue to encourage Canadian e-learning programs to participate in the Speak Up Survey, and we would love to hear from any that have participated in the past about what you have learned about your program by doing so.

Don’t miss out on getting your free data next year!

Does your school or district want to use the Speak Up research tool? Registration for Speak Up 2018-19 will open this summer, but first, please complete this interest formso we can keep you in the loop! We are considering some new participation windows this year, so getting your input now will help us plan. We would also like to know if you are looking for feedback from any other audiences, on any other topics and in any other languages.

Help us make Speak Up 2018 the most valuable tool yet for your district!

Interested in Speak Up 2018? Let us know!

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