COHERE 2018 – Call for proposals – Deadline August 17, 2018

While this Canadian conference is focused on higher education, there are some topics that overlap into the K-12 online learning environment (e.g., teacher education, teacher professional development, etc.).  CANeLearn members might consider attending, and even submitting a proposal to the event.

COHERE 2018 Conference
Université Laval – October 25-26, 2018.
Join us in beautiful Quebec City.

Higher Education Reform in light of Blended &
Online Learning

Blended and Online Learning Technologies (BOLT) are positioned both to disrupt and enhance education. The 2018 conference will explore the intersection of these two movements.

*   How can Blended and Online Learning and associated technologies maintain or improve quality of instruction while increasing access and improving cost-effectiveness?
*   What are the current research trends in technology and pedagogy?
This conference will provide a platform for all forms of blended and online higher education research, practice, and policy work to be explored.

Call for Proposals

Proposals must be submitted by Friday, August 17, 2018.

Conference Themes

*   Higher Educational Reform (HER): Blended and online learning to enable higher educational institutions to achieve local, national, and international goals.

*   Institutional Innovations (II): Public-private and/or not-for-profit research partnerships. Open educational resources. Supported use of information and communication technologies.

*   Blended and Online Learning Technologies (BOLT): appropriate technology usage in light of pedagogical change, and impact on and/or support for other demands in higher education.

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