Project Tomorrow Webinar Series, Speak Up Resources And More October News!

We continue to encourage K-12 distance, online, and blended learning programs to participate in the Speak Up survey.

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October 2019

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

The Project Tomorrow team is excited to share this month’s news with you.
We have been working on a great webinar and presentation line up. We also want to share our Speak Up resources with you, so you can get started in this year’s participation plans- keep reading to learn more.

Quick links:

October Webinars and Presentations: Sign up to attend one of our upcoming webinars.
Speak Up Congressional Briefing! Join us in DC (or online) on Oct.23rd!
DA’s National CIO Academy Comprehensive leadership development fro k-12 district technology leaders!

Speak Up Resources:

Speak Up registration is now open! Get a head start on Speak Up 2019-20 by registering your school or district and start planning for the fall.
The National Speak Up District Recognition Program We encourage districts to participate in our 2019-20 Speak Up Research Initiative and be recognized by Project Tomorrow as an outstanding district to their House Representatives.
Speak Up Reports: See Speak Up 2018-19 data in action through our recently published reports.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share your thoughts with us on FacebookTwitter, and our Blog.

-The Project Tomorrow Team


Webinar and Presentations

Are you new to Speak Up, in need of a refresher, or interested in other research work Project Tomorrow does?

Join this month’s webinar series We are excited to share with you all webinars and presentations Project Tomorrow will conduct and be featured in.

October’s Lineup:

Getting Started with Speak Up
Tuesday, October 15, 2019
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT/ 11:00am PT
Register Now or watch our 5 minute on-demand video for district primary contacts on next steps after registering!

Activate Student Success With Database Access
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
2:00pm EDT/ 11:00am PT
Register Now
Three out of four teachers said their students are now “future-ready” as a result of using online databases. Sponsored by Gale, a Cengage company

Changing from At-Risk to At-Promise
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
4:00pm EDT/ 1:00pm PT
Register Now
Education leaders have long called for a paradigm shift in how underserved students in low-income communities are perceived and taught. Join the Reaching At-Promise Students Association’s (RAPSA) and Dr. Julie A. Evans in this edWebinar to learn more about how you can join this initiative to move students from at-risk to at-promise. Sponsored by RAPSA and Thriving YOUniversity

Speak Up 101- Introductory Webinar
Thursday, October 17, 2019
11:00am EDT/ 9:00am PT
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Learn all about the Speak Up Research Initiative and how to get involved. We’ll share all the basics about Speak Up, how to use it successfully in your school(s) and take your questions so you’ll be ready to get started! Open to school and district leaders.

Lead a Literacy Intervention with Large Print
Thursday, October 17, 2019
2:00pm EDT/ 11:00am PT
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Nearly two-thirds of 4th and 8th grade students in our nation’s schools are reading at a basic or below-basic grade level. What can you do to support striving readers and help bridge the achievement gap? Several schools are turning to large print books. Sponsored by Thorndike from Gale a Cengage company and District Administration

Speak Up Methodology: Questions and Themes
Monday, October 21, 2019
2:00pm EDT/ 11:00am PT
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Join Speak Up creator and lead researcher Dr. Julie A. Evans as she shares and breaks down the methodology behind questions and themes for our annual Speak Up Research Initiative. Learn why it is vital for you to collect this data and how you can translate it into actionable knowledge.

iNACOL Symposium 2019
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
10:00am PT
Metrics and Messaging: What Works When Evaluating Blended Learning Implementations- Results From a 3-Year Research Study
School leaders report that measuring the impact of blended learning is a significant challenge. Determining the right metrics to use and then understanding how to articulate results to parents, teachers and the community is increasingly important for sustainability of these initiatives. In this session, we will share tangible outcomes from a 3 year study of nine schoolwide blended learning implementations and discuss the implications of those results with principals from the studied schools.
Register to Attend

Join live or watch our webinar recordings. Sign up now to be notified of upcoming webinar releases.


Speak Up Congressional Briefing:

October 23, 2019, noon-1:30pmET

Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 106.

Join us for our Congressional Briefing and the release of the Speak Up 2018-19 findings. Those that sign up to attend either the in-person event or watch via the livestream will be the first to receive our brand new Speak Up national report in addition to several data-rich infographics.

The highlight of the briefing will be our annual panel of K-12 students and educators who will share their first-hand perspectives on the role of technology in supporting a variety of learning experiences. At the briefing, we will also share with you exciting new information about the 2019-20 Speak Up Research Initiative which is NOW OPEN in all 50 states and DC.

Please plan to join us and also share this invitation with your colleagues and associates who are interested in the evolving role of digital tools in American education.

Learn more about the briefing and find info about the live stream of the event.


DA’s National CIO Academy

DA’s National CIO Academy is where current and aspiring district technology leaders learn how high-performing technology departments address digital transformation, safety, governance and project management; develop effective cross-functional leadership practices with key stakeholders; and help prepare all students to be global digital citizens.

Cohort learning model includes:
* Systems vs. silo leadership
* Transformational leadership
* Finance and budget
* Board and superintendent relations
* Community and vendor relationships

Who attends? 30+ District Technology Leaders and aspiring CIOs

Each 2 1⁄2 day session is mindfully designed to drive deep engagement with high-
performing IT Leaders.

Who should attend:
* Skilled leaders who desire to be great CIO’s
* Individuals who are considering pursuing the CIO Leadership role
* Senior team members who would benefit from this high-quality professional development.

The first Academy is Oct 17-19, 2019, Register, NOW!


Speak Up Resources…


Speak Up 2019-2020 Registration

Now open!

It’s time to register your school or district to participate in Speak Up 2019-20. There are a lot of benefits to registering your school or district with a primary contact. Learn all about it and our special new offerings for registered contacts on our registration page.

Already a contact? Welcome back, we look forward to working with you again this year. As a reminder, all existing contacts are required to update their organization profile each year. This year we’ve launched a brand new administrative profile platform to help you manage your Speak Up experience. New features include:

Profile Dashboard with a quick view of survey counts and Speak Up updates
Easy to follow getting started checklists
New customizable survey settings
New survey access links and landing pages

Log in to your admin profile now to check it out or watch this quick video about all the new changes!

Speak Up will be open for input September 25, 2019 through June 30, 2020!

To learn more about registration, click on the button below or schedule a quick introductory call with the Speak Up team!

ProjectTomorrow Seal Excellence

The National Speak Up District Recognition Program

For the past 16 years Project Tomorrow has helped thousands of K-12 school districts learn about the views of their stakeholders through their participation in the annual Speak Up Research Project. By reviewing and appreciating the authentic feedback of their students, parents and staff, these innovative districts have transformed their education enterprise to be more responsive and supportive of the needs of those stakeholders. The transformative work of these districts to substantively engage with their school communities and use the input of their stakeholders to inform new education initiatives, as well as policies and programs, inspires us every day. It is for this reason that we are excited to announce the release of a new national recognition program highlighting districts’ efforts to listen to their stakeholders and transform that feedback into actionable data that will be used to improve their school and district community.

K-12 school districts during the 2019-20 school year will be recognized with the following distinctions:

Speak Up District of Honor: awarded to K-12 districts that have made a commitment to listen to the voices of their stakeholders in their educational planning and decision-making. This commitment is actualized by registering to participate in Speak Up.

Speak Up District of Student Empowerment: awarded to K-12 districts who are enabling the authentic feedback of their K-12 students through the promotion of student participation in the Speak Up process.

Speak Up District of Community Trust: awarded to K-12 districts who are enabling the authentic feedback of key adult audiences within their education community such as parents, community members, teachers, librarians, and administrators through the promotion of participation in the Speak Up process for those stakeholders.

Speak Up District of Excellence: awarded to K-12 districts who are actively leveraging the feedback from their community stakeholders (students, parents, community members, and staff) to inform programs, policies and new initiatives to improve the learning and teaching experience for all.

In recognition of these districts’ commitment to their community, Project Tomorrow will honor each of these districts individually and nationally by:

• Every district registered by Oct 23 will be recognized based upon their level at Project Tomorrow’s Annual Congressional Briefing.

• Every district will receive a letter of recognition from Project Tomorrow with their status in appreciation of National Speak Up day on October 23rd, January 15th and April 22nd.

• Every district will have a letter of recognition given to their House of Representatives member stating that by participating in Speak Up, the district validates the importance of listening to their stakeholders’ views on how to improve local education.

• The Speak Up team will identify dedicated and invested districts to be awarded personalized seminars with Dr. Julie A. Evans. These seminars will give districts the opportunity to learn how to use and leverage their data to make a real change. District recipients will be announced during our National Speak Up Day dates and will receive seminar details.

• Districts of Excellence will be featured in Project Tomorrow’s blog


In case you missed it…

2019 Project Tomorrow Speak Up Data Reports

See Speak Up 2018-19 data in action. Project Tomorrow has collaborated with organizations to publish reports that focus on year-to-year trends in the use of digital learning tools to change the classroom learning paradigm through an in-depth analysis of the latest Speak Up data findings.

Here are some of this year’s reports.

Millennial, Gen X and Boomer Parents
Project Tomorrow and Blackboard
Speak Up 2018-19 National Data
August 2019

Reading the Pulse of the K-12 Communications Leader
Project Tomorrow and Blackboard
Speak Up 2018-19 National Data
May 2019

Coding in K-8 Classrooms: Empowering A New Generation of Creators
Project Tomorrow and BrainPOP
Speak Up 2018-19 National Data
May 2019


Thank you for your interest and continued support of Speak Up! Be sure to stay updated on all things Speak Up by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and our Blog.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Speak Up team at or via phone at (949) 609-4660.

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