DLsymp20 – New Virtual Conference Program & Keynotes


The 17th Annual Digital Learning Symposium has shifted from a hotel-base to a virtual event.  Our program has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the virtual medium.  Additional keynote speakers have been added – choose single days or all four.

Online learning tools have been selected for active use and hands-on experience during presentations and discussions.  The focus includes an examination of the next transition facing us: From emergency remote teaching to expanded use of digital learning in blended and online learning classrooms.

2020 Digital Learning Symposium

Connecting virtually – networking across Canada

Featuring keynote contributions from fellow Canadian educators:

  • CANeLearn Panel – Pan-Canadian remote teaching & online learning

  • Julia Hengstler – Privacy in pandemic era education

  • Trevor MacKenzie – Inquiry online

  • Steve Dotto – Engaging live online

  • Rod Allen – The future of online learning

  • David Porter & Verena Roberts – Community as digital fluency

  • Alec Couros – Emerging practice

  • Michael Barbour – Remote teaching to e-learning

  Julia Hengstler


New registration site and pricing:


Check out the program at

  • Panel sessions will focus on what we are learning from the rapid implementation of remote teaching.

  • We will share practices from other provinces and discuss implications for future digital learning initiatives and programs.

  • We have integrated virtual presentations with planned dialogue, discussion, collaborative document sharing, and in-depth networking.

  • Session activity will be archived for future use and reference.

Join us for all four days – $225

Or choose a combination of days for $75/day!



Register today!  More information at