[REPOST] Article Notice – Sense of Irony or Perfect Timing: Examining the Research Supporting Proposed e-Learning Changes in Ontario

This entry was originally posted on the State of the Nation: K-12 e-Learning in Canada website. We wanted to alert readers to the fact that State of the Nation: K-12 e-Learning in Canada authors Michael Barbour and Randy LaBonte have published an article in the International Journal of E-Learning & Distance Education that examines the research behind the […]

Engaging Learners in the Online & Blended Classroom

It is the start of a new school year and, one month in, class lists, both in traditional and alternative settings, have been established. In alternative settings, in particular, these lists could continue growing as students identify a learning setting that will, hopefully, provide for an effective learning environment. For teachers in all settings, this […]

[CSSE-SCÉÉ] Latest issue of CJE available (40:2 /2017) | Nouveau numéro de la RCÉ disponible (40:2 /2017)

CANeLearn members should pay special attention to the article by Thérèse Laferrière entitled “Les défis de l’innovation selon la théorie de l’activité :  le cas de l’école (éloignée) en réseau,” as it focuses on the Remote Network Schools initiative in Quebec. Dear Members: Canadian Journal of Education/Revue canadienne de l’éducation has just published its latest issue at www.cje-rce.ca. […]

You Have A New Citation On: State of the Nation Study: K-12 Online Learning in Canada

This notice was posted on the State of the Nation: K-12 E-Learning in Canada blog yesterday…  Note that many of the resources below are available open access at ResearchGate. As a part of the automatic system, ResearchGate sends out a notification whenever someone cites one of the works that a researcher deposits into the repository.  Late last week […]

Elizabeth Murphy Uploaded "Asynchronous And Synchronous Online Teaching: Perspectives Of Canadian High School Distance Education Teachers" And 4 Other Papers

These notices were posted last week by Michael Barbour on his blog.  Note the multiple articles focused on Canadian K-12 online learning and are all available for free (once you create a free account). Hi Michael, Elizabeth Murphy uploaded papers on Academia.edu. Asynchronous and synchronous online teaching: Perspectives of Canadian high school distance education teachers […]