[WEBINAR] Our K-12 Blended Learning Teacher Readiness Instrument ?

While this organization is US-based, the tool discussed in this webinar represents the next phase of a research-based initiative to develop a reliable and valid blended learning instrument.  CANeLearn encourages its members to attend this session tomorrow. Developing a survey instrument for evaluating K-12 blended teacher readiness Webinar — Live Friday, September 21 @ 3:30 p.m. […]

DDL Webinar: K-12 Blended Teaching Competencies: D

Please note this up-coming webinar hosted by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology focused on K-12 blended teaching.  While the research has been conducted by a couple of US-based academics, the competencies are designed to not be geographic-specific. Yvonne Earnshaw would like to invite you to…   DDL Webinar: K-12 Blended Teaching Competencies: D […]

John Paul II High School (North Battleford, SK) Recipient Of The McDowell Foundation Award For Outstanding Research

The McDowell Foundation Award was introduced in 1998 to celebrate the work of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to educational research. In 2013 the Board of Directors restructured the McDowell Foundation Award to celebrate the outstanding contributions to educational research from a contributing research team. 2017-18 Award Recipient: John Paul II High School, Saskatchewan […]

Webinar: 11/29 at 1pm EST – K-12 Blended Teaching Readiness Instrument

Note this webinar later today.   Plus project updates and other events! View this email in your browser This session will share findings of a recently published report on the development of a readiness instrument for K-12 blended teaching. Presenters: Charles R. Graham, Brigham Young University Jered Borup, George Mason University Login at https://connect.mivu.org/mvlri at the time of the […]

TLA Blended Learning Measurement Fellowship

Please note this opportunity for graduate students doing research in the K-12 blended learning environment. I’m very excited to let you know about TLA’s Blended Learning Measurement Fellowship, an initiative we’ll be piloting during the 2017-2018 school year. TLA seeks to advance measurement in the field, focusing on the objectives outlined in our Measurement Agenda for […]